Sol Grill, Make your Valentine’s Day Reservations Today

Traditionally Valentine’s Day is one of those days in the year when restaurant owners expect a big crowd in restaurants around a world. Sol Grill is no exception. We recommend that you make your plans now to avoid the rush allowing you to truly celebrate this special night with your loved one in a way that you both deserve. Sol Grill makes the reservation process simple. Online you can register with Open Table, visit Sol Grill Online, or simply call (949) 723-4105.


Valentine’s Day is truly a traditional that dates back to the Roman era. Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, and dates back to the third century when Emperor Claudius II forbade soldiers to marry, preventing them from being tied to their family and wanting to avoid going to war. All priests except one – called Valentin compiled the emperor’s command. This priest resisted to the Emperor’s decision and kept on marrying young couples secretly. After the discovery of this disobedience Valentin was imprisoned, and on 14th February executed. Soon, he was declared a saint and lovers around the globe still celebrate this day of love every February.

So if you are a lover and want to embrace in the spirit of Valentin we encourage you to dine out in style and spice up your love with delicious food and the pleasant flavor of wine or sangria. Come on in to Sol Grill and we will provide you with a romantic experience that will keep you coming back for more!

Sol Grill is your destination for the quintessential Southern California dining experience. Family owned and operated, small, quaint, and cozy. Sol offers delicious award winning food, great wine and superb service. Candle lit tables, art adorns the walls and antique lighting creates a warming environment. It’s the perfect backdrop for Valentine’s day. See for yourself what locals have known and enjoyed for the last 10 years.